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Updates from 2012.

From December: Jules, Gili and Scott. Scott Jules and Gili

From December: Mackey and Lindsay. Mackey and Lindsay Christmas
From December: Hanna excelling at puppy agility. Hanna is gonna be a star!

From November: Jules playing. s

From November: Jules Checking out his new home.

From November: Hanna snuggling in with Paul. HannaAndPaul

From November: Jules arrives at his new home.

From November: George and Mary. GeorgeAndMary

From November: McKaena hanging out on the bed and a closeup shot. McKaenaOnBed
From November: Petunia, Tater, and Al on Tater's first hike. Tater Petunia and Al
January 10th: On Saturday, December 29th, the much loved and wonderful Madeyx died much too young. Here's Judy's remembrance:

It has been 10 days since my Madeyx passed. It is so very devastating. I will not dwell on the sadness of his terrible accident but instead, will think about so many happy moments. He was a joy. As a puppy he looked like a big baked potato - he weighed 2lbs at birth. I wondered if he would ever stand up. When he did, he had springs in his legs. At 6 months, he could levitate from the floor to the counter. His favorite activity was competing with his sister and best friend Echo jumping over the back of the couch, turning over for a belly scratch and then continuing the chase. Thursdays were his favorite day. He knew Echo was coming and he would have her for a full day of adventures. He was my champion and I say mine as he disliked showing but did it to please me. Thank you Sammi and Christa. He definitely was a challenge but he had multiple BOBs and a Grp placement. Madeyx's babies are beautiful - Liam and little Hatti along with all their siblings. Madeyx is home now. But, how I miss his many many smooches. I love you my big boy.
December 20th: Happy Holidays from Sleeping Lady's Bouviers! Our Holiday star is the charming Louie Happy Holidays
November 19th: A Sierra slideshow. Fun in Healy, AK!
November 16th: George hanging out with his Mom, Mary.

November 12th: Sierra and a little buddy! Sierra and a buddy
November 9th: A Tater mash note from his Mom, Joyce. Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how in love with Tater we are. Every day is just better than the one before - he is such a family member. I had my "Happy Hour" group of neighborhood girlfriends (8 plus my sister) over last night to have a glass of wine and meet Tater and he was just amazing. Loved everyone and every once in a while, when he wasn't loving on someone or running around the patio with one of his many toys, he would check on me. I opened up the house - sliding French Doors in the billiard room that open to the patio - kitchen door open - and our little guy just played - did his business outside when he had to - and crashed on the patio around 9:00 (7:00 Alaska time!) while we all sat out. The girls were so amazed! The Bouvier is a wonderful breed but Tater is just extra special. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is - waits for me outside my shower opening, marches into his kennel when I tell him "housey, housey", etc.! Once again, thank you Judy for bringing such a wonder into our lives!

November 8th: McKaena with her new parents, Peter and Frances. McKaenaPeterFrances

November 6th. Fabulous weekend for our boy and new Champion, Liam! He finished his Championship on Saturday, got Best of Breed on both Saturday and Sunday and a Herding Group 4 on Sunday!! Lexi also picked up a three point major on Sunday. Here's a very happy Liam! Liam relaxing at his first show

November 5th: Sierra frolicking in the snow.
November 2nd: Mackey on the sidewalk. MackeyOntheSidewalk

November 2nd: Mackey closeup. MackeyCloseup

October 29th: Monet x Madeyx puppies playing Tug o' War. Only one puppy left from that breeding - an adorable girl.

October 26th: Mackey having fun at his new home.

October 25th: Lulu and Rosie hanging out in the kitchen where all bouviers like to be! RosieAndLulu

October 20th: Desi trying to play with Keetin the cat. Desi looks like a little Sasquatch.

October 20th: A slideshow of Desi in his new home.

October 17th: Tater hanging out on the patio. Tater On Patio II

October 16th: Nola is settling in her new home. She lives with Fire and Zelda, the Papillion. Here's a slideshow with Nola and Zelda.
October 9th: There are three tres adorable girls left from the fabulous McKaela x Webber and Monet x Madeyx breedings! Bouvier Girl Puppy
October 8th: Fischer with his new family: Holly, Warren, and the kids. Fischer is going to be one busy puppy. And Holly is going to be one busy Mom. Fisher, Holly, Warren, Kids

October 8th: Tater is settling in at his new home. Tater

Tater On Patio
October 4th: It's an adorable mob of McKaela x Webber and Monet x Madeyx puppies!
October 4th: Izzy snuggling in with Liam. Everyone loves Liam! Liam And Izzy
October 3rd. On September 28th Sassy Crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 12. Here's Vineta's memoriam of Sassy. CH. SLEEPING LADY'S "SASSY" LASSY VCD1, RE, MXJ, AJP, NF, XFP, CGC, VBCH, CS, 0-NCC, OJC, NAC, S-TN-O, WV-N, U-CD + 2 legs towards her CDX and 6 legs towards her MJP! Well done Sassy Girl!!!!
5/11/2000 - 9/28/12

Sassy and Toola

Sassy and Toola the Tervuren enjoying the sunshine!

On May 11, 2000 you were born with Judy and I helping you into this world and on September 28, 2012 Judy and I were together again helping you cross the rainbow bridge. My heart aches without you Sassy with tears streaming from my face and I ask "will it ever get easy?" I was so glad Judy told you to wait for me to get back to you before you left and you did. With loving eyes looking into mine, I said you would be at peace now and we loved you dearly. Your sweet sister Toola licked your ears as she knew she was the one to take care of you. After we said our good byes, you quickly left this earth barking as you always had something to say! Everyone knew of you Sassy and thought you were quite the character which you were! Barking at the judges, getting us excused from many events, yes you did have a lot to say!

Thank you for this wonderful girl, Judy, and the time that you spent extra to take extra extra good care of her. Without your personal touch, I would not have got to say my final good bye to her. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

You are the very best Sassy and I will miss you dearly as well as Paul who really had a soft spot for you but was afraid to show it; but we knew! I will listen for your barking in my dreams and know that it is you. Keep a watch over Toola as she will need a special angel looking after her. Give Spirit and Silver Boy a big lick for me and tell them how much I miss them too!

Bye sweet are the best.....your Mom......smooches........

September 26th: Pup Pup Puppies Everywhere! It doesn't get much cuter than this!
September 6th: Michi closeup! Michi Closeup
September 5th: Gili hanging out on the couch. Gili on the couch
September 1st: Four week old puppies out and about.
September 1st: Monet x Madeyx puppies asking if the McKaela x Webber puppies can come out and play.
August 30th: NEWS FLASH: Thirteen of the seventeen puppies from the combined litters of McKaela and Monet have been spoken for. Only four puppies left!
August 29th: Several of McKaela's ELEVEN puppies snoozing in the playpen. The McKaela x Webber puppies are now three and half weeks old and boy, they're getting BIG. McKaela puppies in the playpen
August 29th: Monet's six puppies passed out in the playpen after a hard morning of playing. Monet puppies in the playpen
August 23rd: Monet x Madeyx puppies at four weeks! Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.
August 18th: Happy 1st birthday to Zura Jane! Zura Jane at One
August 14th: Brielle and the Monet x Madeyx Puppies having fun!

August 13th: Happy second birthday Clover! Here's an adorable picture of Clover at 3 months old. Clover At 3 Months

August 7th: Fire at a Canadian Show this past weekend. At age six months, Fire owned by Fran Verner, won Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners two days out of four. Fire at Canadian Show

August 5th: A veritable gaggle of puppies! Starting on Saturday August 4th and continuing into Sunday August 5th, McKaela gave birth to ELEVEN (!) puppies. Webber is feeling pretty darn pleased with himself. Here's a pic of a very happy and proud McKaela on Sunday August 5th.


August 2nd: Sassy and Toola the Tervuren enjoying the sunshine! Sassy and Toola

July 31st: Puppy dinnertime!

July 27th: The puppies - four hours old. Four girls and two boys! Monet x Madeyx puppies at 4 hours

July 27th. We Have Puppies!!! This afternoon, Monet gave birth via c-section to six big healthy puppies. Four girls and two boys. Each puppy weighed over a pound and a half. The proud Papa is Madeyx. Cigars all around!!!!!

July 26th: A very pregnant Monet one day before delivery. Pregnant Monet - 1 day before delivery

June 25th. News Flash!!!! A puppy plethora is coming our way. Monet x Madeyx puppies are due on July 28th. This is a repeat breeading. The first breeding gave us those awesome puppies Liam, Leo, Grady, and Zura Jane.

Then on August 7th, a passel of McKaela x Webber puppies are due. This is another repeat breeding. The first breeding resulted in the fabulous puppies George, Fire, Brielle, and Roxy. Stay tuned for updates!
June 11th. Brielle: "Well, of course I should be on the chair!" Brielle on the chair
June 4th. Good weekend at the June Herding Show in Chugiak, Alaska. Liam took Best of Winners both days! Lexi won Winner's Bitch on Saturday and little Brielle made lots of new friends. Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.

May 22nd. Fire Looking smart! Fire looking smart
May 21st. George hangs out in Boston. He is a chick magnet!. Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.

May 6th. Awwwww...Brielle is TCFW (Too Cute For Words) Briel Closeup I

Briel Closeup II

April 30th. Little Brielle and big Liam have fun playing tug-o-war.

April 30th. Liam and Webber - Best Friends!!

April 28th. Spirit Crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 14. Here's Vineta's memoriam of Spirt. INT/AM CH SLEEPING LADY'S "SPIRIT" LOVE CD RN CGC
1/23/98 - 4/28/12


RIP my sweet Spirit girl! You are in God's hands now where you can breathe with ease. I know your brother and sisters were waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge as well as Silver Boy.

It was just this morning when you left on your journey and I just miss you so much already. Who is going to get me up in the middle of the night to go outside? Who is going to keep Sassy and Toola in check when they rough house too much? They are really going to miss you too Spirit!

We call you the "naughty" but oh so nice sweet Spirit. You definitely had your naughty ways and several knew about them first hand! LOL.

There is so much more to be said about you Spirit. You are in my heart with many many fond memories which I will cherish forever. Thank you to my best friend Judy McConnell for this wonderful sweet girl. A truly beautiful Bouvier des Flandres inside and out.

Love and miss you Spirit, you human family, Vineta and Paul too even though you ate his brand new leather boot! You so loved your leather! Miss you to pieces!

April 28th. Bently and Mindy loving an Alaska Spring Day!. Bently and MIndy

Bently in the Snow
April 18th. Celli is ready for Spring!. Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.

April 16th. George watches the Boston Marathon with Tom and Mary. Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.

April 16th Gili and Weston Christmas 2011

Gili and Weston Christmas 2011

On April 16th, at age 9, Weston crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Below are Judy's and Scott and Heidi's remembrances of a special dog.

Scott and Heidi:
To say our hearts are broken doesn't come close to how sad we feel. Weston was my sunshine. Every morning before I got out of bed, he gave me a kiss! How I will miss that "kiss" as it always ensured a good day!

Everyone that met Weston in Tennessee was highly impressed, as he was so gorgeous inside and out! One friend said he was regal, I completely agree! Our local vet said he was one of the most marvelous, exceptional dogs he had ever had in his practice. The vets at UT agreed.

Thank goodness we have our Gili, as she is our love too! We treasure our little girl as she brings us such joy! She especially loves Scott and seeing the two of them is a special treat!

Judy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing Weston with us. Although, of course I wanted many more years with him, I am grateful for every day we had him.

My dear sweet Weston, I loved your sweet face from the time you were born. You will always have a special place in my heart next to your wonderful Mom, Fioni. Your time with with me was such fun; showing to your championship, going to Eukanuba in Florida and finishing our wonderful times at Westminster where you and I were the only amateurs in the ring. The TV station in Connecticut knew you and you won the whole shebang because you were so beautiful.

Your life began again with two of the most wonderful people in the world Scott and Heidi Dulebon. You moved to Tennessee to be totally loved and cherished. How very lucky you were, the king adored by all. A true ambassador of the breed. Soon Gili came to join you, the cute little blond fuzz ball. She too loved you and was your constant companion. She will miss you as much as we humans.

Cancer is a horrible disease and struck our Weston. Fortunately his sickĘdays were few.

Heidi and Scott, My heart and tears are with you. I wish I was there to give Weston his last squeeze. Thank you for giving Weston the very best years. Love Judy
April 11th. Roxy as a seal pup. Roxy as seal

April 9th. Roxy in her new forever home. Sheba is not so sure. Roxy and Sheba

April 8th. HAPPY EASTER! Leo and Clover romp in the woods!

April 5th. George's first day at his new home. Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.

April 4th. George heads off with his new parents, Tom and Mary. Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.

March 24th. Liam relaxing at his first show. Two majors in two days!! Liam relaxing at his first show

March 24th. Felicia on the grooming table at the Spring Show in Anchorage. Felicia getting groomed

March 10th. On February 28, at 2:30 PM AST, at age 14, Angel crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Here's Judy's remembrance of a wonderful dog, Am/Intl Ch Sleeping Lady's Angelica:
My dear sweet Angel, I look toward your bed by the stairs for you every day. How you took care of me for 14 years. You were and are so special. When you were born, Ryan named you Angelica. You gave me fits showing you toward your championship, jumping on me or the judge depending upon your mood.

What a Mom you turned out to be. You produced such beautiful puppies.

Thanks to Angie Motta and her girl Brava, you held your head even higher than normal because I of course, always told you about their progress. All your puppies have your wonderful loving temperaments. You were a show stopper in the ring. However you only had one job as far as you were concerned: To love your family and give me the gift of happiness every day. I love you Angel Face.
March 10th. The Lili Pad hanging out in one of her favorite places.
Lili snoozing
March 10th. Speaking of Lili, here's a slideshow of her very handsome boy, Henri. Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.
March 10th. Bently (on the right) and his buddy, Romeo. And today, March 10th is Bently's 3rd birthday!
Bently and Romeo
March 10th. Blast from the past. Crispen at 8 months. He was born in August 2010.
Crispen at 8 months

Crispin puppy closeup

Crispen Closeup.
March 4th: Puppy and her buddy, the stuffed moose. Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.

February 25th: Puppies, puppies, puppies!!! A massively cute slideshow. Click here to view on Flickr, print pics, save pics, etc.

February 23th: Liam checking out the puppies who spent the day in the play pen watching all the other dogs with wide-eyed wonder. Liam adores those puppies! Liam and The Puppies
February 20th

While the bird mobile chirps in the background, the three week old roly poly McKaela x Webber puppies waddle around in the whelping box playing with each other and their toys. Click here for more pictures and videos.

February 17th

Snoozing puppy

A massively cute McKaela x Webber puppy. Click here for more cute puppy photos!

February 12th

Happy McKaela and her Puppies

A very happy McKaela with her 12 day old puppies.
Click here for more puppy photos!

February 5th

McKaela x Webber puppies, Day 9. Click here for more puppy pictures!

February 4th


February 4th



At home apres Salon

January 31st

McKaela x Webber puppies, Day 4. They're growing fast: 3 of the puppies are now 2 lbs and the smallest puppy is a robust 1 3/4 lbs. Click here for more puppy pictures!

January 27th

McKaela x Webber puppies are born!

January 1st

Cha Cha and Fancy, the African Grey Parrot.

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