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Am/Intl Ch Sleeping Lady's Spirit Love CD, RN, CGC


1/23/98 - 4/28/12


RIP my sweet Spirit girl! You are in God's hands now where you can breathe with ease. I know your brother and sisters were waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge as well as Silver Boy.

It was just this morning when you left on your journey and I just miss you so much already. Who is going to get me up in the middle of the night to go outside? Who is going to keep Sassy and Toola in check when they rough house too much? They are really going to miss you too Spirit!

We call you the "naughty" but oh so nice sweet Spirit. You definitely had your naughty ways and several knew about them first hand! LOL.

There is so much more to be said about you Spirit. You are in my heart with many many fond memories which I will cherish forever. Thank you to my best friend Judy McConnell for this wonderful sweet girl. A truly beautiful Bouvier des Flandres inside and out.

Love and miss you Spirit, you human family, Vineta and Paul too even though you ate his brand new leather boot! You so loved your leather! Miss you to pieces!

Blast from the past. Spirit in 1998!

Ch Sleeping Ladys Spirit Love and her owner/handler Vineta Hesson
Spirit and Vineta her owner/trainer/handler are a great working team!
Spirits earned her Rally Novice at age 10 !

Ch Sleeping Lady's Sassy Lassy VCD1, RE, MXJ, AJP, NF, XFP, CGC, VBCH, CS, O-NCC, OJC, NAC, S-TN-O, WV-N, U-CD


Sassy #1 Bouvier 2004 - Novice B
Delaney Rating System

Sassy at the 07 Specialty Sassy at the 07 Specialty

Judge Patti Smith awarded Sassy a Herding Group 1 -- Kenai Kennel Club July 11, 2003 - Kenai, Alaska


Sassy loves to herd exhibiting a natural talent.
Here she is being introduced to ducks at the age of 6 months.

Sassy Weaves in Excellent Jumpers - August 2004

Spirit and Sassy are lovingly owned, trained, and exhibited by Vineta Hesson. 

Learn more about Vineta's Bouviers -




Sassy is now officially an
American Bouvier des Fladres Club Versatile Bouvier Basic VBB!

Spirit, Toola, and Sassy May 2010

Toola, and Sassy June 2010

Spirit, Toola, and Sassy September 2010

This is Sassy qualifying in Exc. Jumpers.

Vineta with Sassy tracking June 2011

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