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Sleeping Lady's Leo


Leo and Clover are owned by Lisa Rone.
Leo is a Monet x Madeyx puppy born August 18th, 2011.

January 2nd: Leo with his Christmas toy! LeoAtChristmas2014

September 12th: Leo, Clover and their Mom, Lisa at the beach. kidsatthebeach

December 25th: Happy Holidays from Leo, Clover and Lisa. LeoCloverAndLisa

June 26: Leo and Clover all snuggled up in the backseat on the way home after a long weekend. CloverAndLeo

May 23rd: Leo loves Camp Run-A-Pup. LeoAtCampRunaPup

The Chicago Herd
January 15th: The Chicago Herd gets together for fun and shenanigans: Leo, LuLu, Clover, and Rosie.

Leo frolicking on the beach on New Year's Eve day.

Leo and Clover.

Leo's first day at his new home playing with his big sister, Sleeping Lady's Clover.

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