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Sleeping Lady's Valentine Rose



Lulu and Rosie
January 31st 2016: Very sad news: LuLu and Rosie crossed the Rainbow Bridge within two months of each other. Below is a very sweet note from Robert and Debbie:

Dear Judy,
Two months ago we lost LuLu (aka Autumn) in front of us at home. Today we needed to put Rosie to sleep at the Vet’s office. Both of them lived long lives that gave us full and joyful companionship. As you well know, deciding when to say good bye to you friend is a heart aching experience and no matter how many times one does it the difficulty is never diminished. I read that “it is better to do it two weeks early than one minute late” and it is that philosophy that supported us in our decision today.
Its amazing how different LuLu and Rosie were. LuLu full of energy and fun while Rosie was stoic and sweet. We want to thank you for letting them into our lives and brightening everyday we were with them. It gives us comfort to know that they are together again at peace.
Much love,
Robert and Debbie

The Chicago Herd
January 15th: The Chicago Herd gets together for fun and shenanigans: Leo, LuLu, Clover, and Rosie.

Rosie and Lulu hanging out in the kitchen, where all bouviers like to be!

LuLu, Debbie & Rosie

May 2008

Rosie, December 2009

December 2009

Rosie 2008 Rosie 2008

Sleeping Lady's Valentine Rose "Rosie" - December 2005
December 2005

LuLu in 2005
Rosie is a Finn X Hailey Sweetheart
born February 14, 2004

LuLu & Rosie

Rosie lives with her older sister, Autumn (LuLu),

LuLu and Rosie

Lulu and Rosie

LuLu and Rosie

See the Family Album



Watch Rosie grow up in her photo album!

Rosie - 4 months

Rosie - 4 mo

A Sweet Face - 4 mo

Coming At You! Rosie at 4 months

Rosie & Debbie

Rosie & LuLu

LuLu & Rosie

Rosie - 4 months old

Rosie & LuLu July 2004

Rosie as a Schnauzer

Rosie gets her first summer haircut

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