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April 14, 2021: Perhaps the cutest picture EVER! Ringo and Lucy, the Basset. Ringo and Lucy
December 27, 2016: An impressionistic Ringo!
May 17th, 2020: Teddy snuggles in. Teddy202005
April 20, 2020: Freya and Oslo and their Aussie buddy on the farm! freyaandoslo
January 8, 2020: Happy 2020! Time to get caught up updates!
January 8, 2020: Shaylee with her best friend! Shaylee and her best friend
January 8, 2020: Oslo meeting goats. Cutest ever! Oslo Meets goats
January 8, 2020: Ego does holidays!. Ego
January 8, 2020: Teddy looking adorable in December. Teddy
September 15th, 2019:The puppies are heading off to their forever homes. Puppies
July 24th, 2019: Three of the four puppies are spoken for. This cute little male puppy is still available. IMG_0536 copy
July 10th, 2019: Puppies are here!! Four Fioni x Dolce puppies were born on July 10th. Here they are on the warming pan. IMG_0484
June 25, 2019: Terrific weekend show: Camryn and Flirt racked up a five point major on Sunday. Kati piloted Clooney to a five point major on Saturday. Plus Whit stopped by for a visit with Judy and Clooney. 2019JuneShow
June 5th, 2019: Puppies are on the way!!! Six Fioni x Dolce puppies are due second week in July! Fioni


June 3rd, 2019: Flirt at this weekend's herding show Flirt at June 2019 Show
June 1, 2019: Introducing Pele! Pele
May 3, 2019: Freya and her goats in Napa. FreyaAndGoats
April 30, 2019: Clooney looking pretty darn handsome on the grooming table. ClooneyOnTheTable
February 6, 2019: Breeze and her best buddy, Trooper sporting their bounteous Trick Dog awards. BreezeandTrooperTrickDogWinners
November 14, 2018: Remember summer? Here's a fun video of babies and puppies (the Fioni x Dolce puppies). PuppiesInSummer
November 11, 2018: A Finleigh album from the Herding Show. Finleigh, with Britney's handling picked up a Winner's Bitch on Sunday! Finleigh and Britney
November 10, 2018: Flirt with Colleen handling won Winner's Bitch at the Herding Show in Anchorage! Flirt 2018.11 Dog Show
November 8th, 2018: Clooney looking sharp - just like his namesake! Clooney
August 21, 2018: Introducing Sleeping Lady's "Clooney If Only George"!
August 19, 2018: Thor got his CAA title! Thor
August 3rd, 2018: The Fioni x Dolce puppies are having a ball!
July 27, 2018: Our wonderful Fallon crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Here's Judy's Remembrance: Fallon went to sleep in my arms - she was almost 15 years old. Fallon was a wonderful girl! There was never a moment that she did not love life . She got up by herself and she went over snow gates with ease until she passed .She loved her furry companions. I wish I could have had her with me forever. I love you Fallon forever.

June 10th, 2018: The Fioni x Dolce puppies Day Two in their "Puppy Wok!" Puppies Day Two
June 9th, 2018: Brand New Puppies!!!! The Fioni x Dolce puppies were born starting at 4:30 AM. Five boys and one girl. All healthy and adorable! FioniXDolcePuppiesDayOne
June 5th, 2018: Puppies are on the way!!! Six Fioni x Dolce puppies are due mid-June! Fioni


June 2nd, 2018: Flirt strutting her stuff with Colleen in Puppy Group!
June 2nd, 2018: Flirt with Colleen. Flirt wins a Puppy Group 4 at her first ever show! Colleen and Flirt
May 22, 2018: Oliver Fenway turns one! Oliver Fenway Black and White
May 20th, 2018: It's been a very difficult month at Sleeping Lady Bouvier's. Over a short few weeks, three wonderful dogs crossed the rainbow bridge. McKaela, Izzy, and Webber. Each dog was so special and their passings have left three gaping holes in our hearts. Below are memories of each dog. Nose
May 14th, 2018: GCH MBS MBSS Avalon Frontier Webber at Sleeping Lady left us. Webber
Sometimes in life one thinks things can not get harder. Yesterday I lost my silly clown Webby. Webby was a once in a lifetime bouvier. So much fun. He loved life and loved to show himself off with Larry Fenner. What a team! 18 BIS! Over 200 Group Firsts and retired as #1 Bouvier #2 Herding dog. He was The King at home and always at the center of all happenings. He has a wonderful legacy with his puppies. Now he is with his soul mates McKaela, Izzy. I love you my Webby. My house feels empty.

May 2nd 2018: Our wonderful Izzy passed away.
My sweet wonderful "Busy Izzy." Chris and Ryan nicknamed her "It's Adorable" when she arrived at 4 months. She left us today at 9 years old. She had a cancerous tumor on her liver. We will all miss her and our hearts hurt: Izzy was my love bug. She was always on a diet and always the boss. I know you and McKaela are sending me kisses.

April 24, 2018: Ch Delux Runamk McKaela at Sleeping Lady suddenly passed away. McKaealaand11puppies
Thank you Sheri and Christa for allowing me to unconditionally love McKaela for 11 3/4 years. There was never a day that did not bring joy to me and all who knew her. She contracted Vestibular disease and died suddenly from aspiration pneumonia. My vets and I just cried and cried. McKaela was so perfect. I will love her always.

October 2, 2017: Roxy hanging out in the back seat. RyanAndRoxy
February 4, 2018: Rick's memory of Sheba. The artist that created Sheba's portrait is Ray Gamradt. S<heba
So this is where we part My Friend, And you'll run on, around the bend. Gone from sight, but not from mind, New pleasures there you'll surely find. I will go on; I'll find the strength, Life measures quality, not its length, One long embrace before you leave, Share one last look, before I grieve. Your place I'll hold, you will be missed, The fur I stroked, the nose I kissed. And as you journey to your final rest, Take with you this...I loved you best.
October 2, 2017: Roxy hanging out in the back seat. RyanAndRoxy
August 28th, 2017: Thor having an absolute blast doing lure coursing. ThorLureCoursing
August 14th, 2017: Ziggy at twelve weeks. ziggyat12weeks
August 6th, 2017: Georgie enjoying her first week in her new home. Georgie
August 6th, 2017: Louie enjoying his first week in his new home. Louie
August 6th, 2017: Ziggy looking awesome in his new home. Ziggy
August 6th, 2017: Seamus, Finleigh and Faye. SeamusFinleighandFaye
August 1, 2017: Dolce and Faye (world's greatest junior handler) at this weekend's dog show. DolceAndFaye2017
July 30, 2017: Finleigh and Eric at the dog show. EricAndFinleigh
June 12th, 2017: Lily and Beth at the Memorial Day show in Fairbanks. Lily snagged a Group 3. LilyAndBethAtFbx
June 7th, 2017: Puppies!!!! The Felicia x Liam puppies at a little over two weeks of age. Felicia and Liam and Puppies at two weeks
June 5th, 2017: A great herding show weekend! Lottie won two Best of Breeds and one Best of Opposite Sex. Dolce and Fioni each won a Select, and Coast won a Best of Opposite Sex. June Herding Show
June 4th, 2017: Lottie strutting her stuff in Group (!) at Sunday's herding show. Lottie won Best of Breed on Friday and Sunday and Best of Opposite Sex on Saturday. Quite the weekend!
June 4th, 2017: Lottie resting up after her big Best of Breed win on Friday and Best of Opposite Sex on Saturday. She went on to win another Best of Breed on Sunday! LottieI
May 30th, 2017: The Felicia x Liam puppies are chowing down! FeliciaLiamPuppies 1week
May 29th, 2017: The Felicia x Liam puppies arrived on May 21st! Three boys and three girls! Here they are at one week. Felicia is a terrific Mom! Felicia x Liam Puppies
January 31st 2017: Very sad news: LuLu and Rosie crossed the Rainbow Bridge within two months of each other. Visit LuLu's and Rosie's pages to read a very sweet note from Debbie and Robert Lulu and Rosie
January 25, 2017: Autumn Rose says, "Sometimes I clean with Mom, but I need a break to chew on Coast's bone."
January 25, 2017: Meet Autumn Rose! She's as cute as she can be!
January 21st 2017: Lottie won Select at the Rose City Classic! LottieSelectII
January 21, 2017: Judy and Seamus showing at the 2017 Rose City Classic Dog Show!
December 27th: An impressionistic Ringo! Ringo
December 23rd: Roxy snuggling with her dad, Ryan RyanAndRoxy
December 14th, 2016: Sabre with her adorable puppy: SabreAndPuppy

October 7th: The always adorable Tater with his best friend draped over him. TaterAndHisBestFriend
August 10th: Can you believe it? Seamus is a whole year old! Seamus
August 8th: McKaela is ten! McKaela

Judy's birthday salute to McKaela: Happy 10th birthday tp my very special girly McKaela. You rule the roost with sweetness and determination. And you always make Webber behave. I love you!
August 3rd: At thirteen years of age, Monet crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Monet

Here's Judy's memorial of Monet: "My heart is breaking. My beautiful Ch Sleeping Lady's Fleur de Monet crossed the bridge. She was 13 years young. She ran everywhere with tail wagging and never a minute was she not happiness. She passed looking in my eyes with one last kiss. Monet, you are now with Steeley and Willomena and Tygey and of course your sister, Sorbet. I love you. If only our pups could live with us forever.It is always too soon."
July 15th: Lily took Best of Breed and then a GROUP IV at last weekend's Kenai Show! BethAndLilly.JPG
July 10th: The Lola and Fee snuggling! LolaAndFee
March 16th: The very adorable Clover! Clover Face

March 10th: Tyge and Echo at one of their favorite places in the whole world. Tyge has been doing "gentle 'water walkies' for seniors" for several months. Makes a huge difference! TygeAndEchoWaterWalkies
March 3rd: Very sad news. Luci passed away. He was much loved by Diane and Alvin. Here's a wonderful Luci slide show. Luci
January 8th: The totally terrific Breeze turns ONE! BreezeAtOne
January 8th: Orianna is one year old today! Orianna is another one of the fabulous Brielle x Liam puppies. Oiranna
January 3rd: Introducing: Seamus! Seamus
January 3rd: Little Ya-Ta-He enjoying his first snow! YaTaHePuppy
January 1: Hoss was a Webber son and a very special boy. He died much too soon as the result of an accident. Here are two terrific pictures that show his wonderful personality. Hoss
November 15th: Oliver LOVES his forever home. Oliver
November 2nd: A very handsome Thor. ThorHeadshot
November 2nd: Roxy and Sheba RoxkyAndShebaJPG
October 31th: Windsor, The Wonder Dog! Windsor the Wonder DOg
October 30th: Windsor, a very scary pumpkin! HalloweenPumpkin2015
October 30th: Fischer and his Halloween Zombie family. FischerAndFamily
On October 19th: Ch SleepingLady's Willomena passed away. She was wonderful, incredibly smart, sweetly bossy, and quite talkative. Judy has this remembrance, "It breaks my heart to say My Beanie Weenie has passed. She was one month short of 15 years I loved her totally. May all the angels be smooching you. You are always with me my Beanie Weenie BeanieLounging
September 22nd: Snow and Phin frolicking in the pool. SnowAndPhinnSwimming
September 15th: Lexi looking "too cool for school." Lexi wearing Shades
September 14th: The much loved and wonderful Zoe crossed The Rainbow Bridge in early September. Click here to read a moving remembrance by Pam.
September 2nd: George was thrilled to see Judy in August when Judy was visiting Boston! GeorgeSmoochingJudyJPG
August 25th: A Breeze slideshow!
August 24th: The Brielle x Liam puppies are two weeks old!
August 24th: Hanna earned her TDX! HanaTDX
August 22nd: Imagine and Beanie snoozing in the sun ImagineAndBeanie
August 13th: Lottie catching water. LottiePlayingIntheWater
August 12th: Here's TROUBLE Coast and Imagine! CoastAndImagine
August 10th: The Brielle x Liam puppies puppies are HERE!!! Four very BIG boys!
August 9th: Absolutely ADORABLE Desi and Lily! AdorableDesiAndLily
August 1st: Ringo turns two!
July 31st: Windsor turns two!
July 27th, 2015: Lily on her way to one of two four point majors earned this weekend - and she's just six months old! LilyTwoFourPointMajors

July 15th: Imagine have a blast with Fioni!
July 1st: Terrific weekend for Sleeping Lady's Bouviers at the Alaska Kennel Club Dog show in Anchorage. Lottie became a Grand Champion. Fioni won a Group in Bred By. Hana is a new Champion. Dolce and Shaylee won Selects. And Coast behaved. Here's Lottie looking fabulous on her way becoming a Grand Champion. This is one of our all time favorite pictures. LottieOnTheMoveJPG
July 1st: Judy and Dolce winning a Herding Group 1 in the Bred By category. Group1BredBy
June 30th: The second batch of Brielle x Liam puppies are due in Mid-August. This is a repeat breeding. The Brielle x Liam first litter was absolutely terrific!

June 26th: Webber and McKaela were both awarded the Register Of Merit from the American Bouvier des Flandres Club! The Register of Merit (ROM) Program recognizes those Bouviers des Flandres that have had an impact on Bouviers in America. By recognizing the contributions of notable sires and dams, the ROM Program is a source of information for breeders in their quest to produce the exceptional dog envisioned in the ABdFC standard of excellence.
June 14th: Imagine taking Lottie for walk!
May 17th: Handsome shot of Fioni and Eric.
May 5th: Ringo and family.
May 4th: Hanna and Vineeta doing agility at the Novice Std level.
May 4th: Hanna and Vineeta doing agility during the Open JWWP in Wasilla.
April 19th: Breeze among the Spring flowers. BreezeInTheFlowers II
April 19th: Another delightful shot of Breeze in the flowers. BreezeInTheFlowers I
March 17th: Luke the Corgi, in hot pursuit of Thor. ThorAndLuke
March 17th: Thor in his new home. Thor

February 17th: Terrific action shot of Hanna doing agility. HannaAgility
February 16th: Sad News: Judy's beloved Steele passed away yesterday. Steele is a happy winner!

Judy's farewell to Steele: My dear sweet Steele Ch Sleeping Lady's Bladerunner passed away at just under 15 years old. He went to sleep in my arms giving me a last kiss. He passed with dignity loved dearly by all who knew him. Sleep well my dear friend I love you.
February 2nd: The Brielle x Liam puppies having their first solid food. (You'll have to tip your head sideways on this one.)
January 30th: The very cute Brielle x Liam puppies at three weeks.
January 26th: Tater is one handsome boy! HandsomeTater
January 26th: New champion Dolce! NewChampionDolce
January 16th: An adorable Fee and Bliss. FeeAndBliss
January 15th: Judy and Coast. JudyAndCoast2
January 10th: A happy and proud Brielle with her puppies. Click here to see more Brielle x Liam puppy pictures! A very proud Brielle with her puppies

January 10th: Coast snuggling up with Eeris. EerisAndCoast
January 9th: A Brielle x Liam puppy slide show! The puppies were born on January 8th. They're already classic Sleeping Lady's Bouvier pups: Big, fat, and happy! Our favorite picture in this set, is the little nose "peek-a-boing out from under Brielle.

January 2nd: Leo with his Christmas toy! LeoAtChristmas2014

January 2nd: Clover chomping down on her Christmas toy! CloverAtChristmas2014

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