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December 29th: George and Tom. George is quite the big handsome guy George and Tom

George II

December 25th: Happy Holidays from Leo, Clover and Lisa. LeoCloverAndLisa

December 25th: Happy Holidays from Jules and Gili!

December 9th: Holiday Greetings from Sorbet and Luci! NOTE: Click here to view the card if you're using a phone or tablet device.
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December 2nd: Windsor and the Weasel ball!

December 1st: Shadow and Heath out getting the Christmas Tree. ShadowAndHeathChristmasTreeHunting

November 30th: Shadow and her buddy Heath are now 2013 "Dogs Can Dance" Freestyle champions. Here's Candace and Shadow's latest routine. Shadow is thirteen years old and still going strong.

November 29th: Hanna in the snow. HannaInTheSnow

November 28th: The official pictures are in from the Speciality. Here's a slide show featuring Apple, Desi, Brielle, and Hanna.

November 21st: Brielle giving Judy smoochies. Brielle giving Judy Smoochies

November 18th: A great slideshow of Snow on the Lure course.

November 12th: Big News! Upcoming breeeding of GCH Sleeping Lady's Felicia and GCH Sleeping Lady's Liam. Spring Puppies!! Felicia201310


November 10th: Hooray!!!!! Two new Champions! Ch Sleeping Lady's Apple of My Eye and Ch Sleeping Lady's Dashing Desi.

November 6th: Hanna nailing the teeter-totter.

November 4th: Liam at the National Bouvier Speciality. LiamAtTheSpeciality

November 4th: Hanna at the National Bouvier Speciality. Hanna at the Speciality

November 3rd: Liam showing at the National Bouvier Speciality.

October 23rd: Teeko and Kathy up at Judy's House. Those McKaela x Webber puppies are just all kinds of awesome. Kathy and Teeko

October 20th: Prepare for massive cuteness - a slideshow of Windsor's first weeks at home.

October 14th: Ringo is a massive cutie - here's a slideshow of Ringo's first few days at home.

October 14th: The McKaela X Webber puppies at nine weeks! They're bigger and more rolly polly than ever!

September: Vineeta and Toola the Tervuren earning Toola's TDX.

September 4th: The McKaela X Webber puppies at one month! Big, rolly polly, chatty, and having fun.

August 22nd: A very fetching Shadow. ShadowInBlueBow

August 22nd: Hanna watching carefully as Paul makes chili. HannaAndPaulMakingChili

August 14th: Jamie hanging out. Jamielayingdown

July 29th: The McKaela X Webber puppies have arrived! Four very big, fat, and happy pups. McKaela is doing very well and Webber has passed out cigars to all his friends.

July 27th: Roxy "roaring" and very happy at the resurrection of Twinkies RoxyRoaring


July 22nd: Tater hanging out in the back seat. TaterAndPetuniaPrescott

July 18th: Great three days for Sleeping Lady's Bouviers at last weekend's Kenai show! On Day One, Liam and Felicia earned Selects, Brielle won Best of Winners, and Hatti won Reserve. On Day Two Liam won Best of Breed, Felicia won Best of Opposite Sex, Apple won Winner's Bitch, and Hatti won Reserve. On Day Three, Liam and Felicia were Selects, Apple Best of Winners, and Hatti won Reserve. And to top it all off, after the weekend, Liam and Felicia became Grand Champions!

July 18th: Liam in the Group Ring at the Kenai Show.

July 11th: George and Mary at Cape Cod. Note that George is sporting his K-9 Cooling Vest GeorgeAndMaryInProvinceTown


July 10th: Nola giving Crystal a big slurpy kiss. CrystalandNolaJuly2013

July 8th: Fiona's first herding lesson. Great fun!

July 7th: A very successful Woofstock for Fire. A Best of Winners and a Winner's Bitch. FireAtWoofstockBoW


June 26: Leo and Clover all snuggled up in the backseat on the way home after a long weekend. CloverAndLeo

June 2: The very handsome Desi on the grooming table. DesiOntheGroomingTable

May 30th: McKaela X Webber puppies coming at the end of July!!!! This is a repeat breeding. Earlier litters brought us the fabulous Fire, Apple, and Desi. McKaealaand11puppies

May 28th: Apple at the top of the stairs. AppleTopofStairs

May 28th: Brielle hanging out. BrielleHangingOut

May 24th: NEWS FLASH!!!! Fire won the Best of Winners at the Southern California Bouvier Speciality on May 23rd - five point major. And then the next day, Fire won Best of Winners at the All Breed - a four point major. Whoo Hoo!!! FireSoCalSpeciality

May 24th: Louie's Therapy Dog hospital ID. LouiesID

May 23rd: Clover at Camp Run-A-Pup. CloverAtCampRunAPup

May 23rd: Leo also loves Camp Run-A-Pup. LeoAtCampRunaPup

May 13th: A slideshow of awesome Fiona closeups.

May 8th: Snow at a mere seven months of age, won Best of Opposite Sex at the Birmingham show. Snow at Birmingham Show

May 6th: New chamption Lexi! NewChampionLexi

May 2nd: George and his Dad, Tom in the woods. George in the woods

Judy and Webber!

April 17th: Shadow is TWELVE!!!. Here's a wonderful note from Shadow's Mom. Beautiful Shadow 207.12

Shadow greets each day with her bright, brown eyes, her tail wagging with enthusiasm and anticipation. Each event of the day - breakfast, a walk, grooming, training or play time is met with the same, upbeat attitude.

Over the years, many awards and achievements have come Shadow's way: American Bouvier des Flandres Club Versatility Champion, American Kennel Club Breed Champion, obedience Highs-in-Trial, titles in freestyle, agility, herding, rally, back packing, carting, tracking, pictures in Clean Run, cover girl for Dog Fancy magazine, numerous calendar appearances and Animal Planet breed representative. These recognitions are a testament to Shadow's conformation, energy, cooperation and drive.

But, Shadow's most precious title is Best Friend! All of her competitive success cannot compare to the joy she brings to us each day.

At 12, Shadow still enjoys hiking, daily training sessions, learning new tricks, chasing her Frisbee and trying nose work. Her attitude continues to be, "What's the next challenge and let's get started now."

All of Shadow's traits - dedication, enthusiasm, strength and attitude, have led to her success. But, it's the depth of her character and her affection that lead to her finest qualities - loyalty and love.

Happy 12th Birthday, Shadow!

April 11th: A Snow album!

April 7th: George and his Mom, Mary. Looks like they might be riding the "T" in Boston. George and Mary

April 5th: Hanna on the grooming table. Hana On the grooming table

April 2nd: Sierra stalking snowflakes.

March 24th: Desi's first show! Desi first show

March 24th: New champion Felicia, expertly handled by Vineta, taking a Group 3 at the Spring Show.

March 18th: Briel in action at home.

March 11th: Lili enjoying the good life in Palm Springs. LiliPalm Springs-20130310-00034

March 5th: A mash note from Sierra's mom, Chrystal. Judy, I wanted to tell you thank you for trusting us with Sierra. We have already decided that eventually when we are ready for another puppy we will choose one of your amazing babies, if we are chosen. You are a very gracious kind person and my response when people ask about Sierra is first due to you! I believe she was destined for us. I just wanted to thank you for all you have done for my family. There are few if any people that would have been so generous. I am truly grateful as is the rest of my family. Even my 2 year old is in love with her. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. When we are in Anchorage we will definitely let you know so you can see her. I just can't say thank you enough. You have been very special for our family.

March 5th: Socci looking out the window. SocciLookingOutTheWindow

March 3rd: Jules, Gili and Scott. ScottJulesandGili

March 2nd: New champion Felicia! NewChampionFelicia

March 1st: Jules and Gili napping. JulesandGiliNapping

March 1st: Scott grooming George while Mary looks on. GeorgeScottandMaryJPG

February 27th: Two great shots of a very handsome Tater. GroomedTater


February 25th: The massively cute Hanna stacking like a German Shepherd. HannaTheGSD

February 25th: the fabulous Webber turns seven! Webberat7JPG

February 21st: Roxy in snow. roxy in snow

February 21st: Cute as a button, Desi! Desi

February 18th: George watching the Bouviers at Westminster. George Watching Westminster

February 13th: Sierra and her best friend, Jaxon. Sierra and Little buddyjpg

February 13th: Fiona looking sharp.

February 11th: Here's a tremendous picture from the New York Times of Ch. Barbu Jenarae Ruffian, "Ruffles" one of Webber's daughters who took Best of Breed at Westminster this year ConradDogs2193.JPG

February 10th: Oooh Oooh!!! Very exciting up to the moment News Flash: Ch. Barbu Jenarae Ruffian, "Ruffles" one of Webber's daughters just took Best of Breed at Westminster!!!!
The Herding Group shows tonight on CNBC at 8:00 PM EST/7:00 PM CST. Go Ruffles!!!!

February 9th: Fischer checking out the kids in the bathtub. Fischer Kids Bathtub

February 4th: Nola and Zelda, the Papillon curled up together. NolaandZeldasnuggling

Fischer being enthusiastically loved up by the kids. Fischer and the kids

Liam was so handsome that the Anchorage Daily News included him in their photo gallery of this weekend's dog show. LiamAnchorageDailyNews

January 28th: Congratulations to new Champion Felicia!!! Expertly handled by Vineta, Felicia won Best of Opposite Sex on Saturday. That Five Point Major earned Felicia her championship.

January 28th: Briel won Reserve Winner's Bitch both days this weekend! Brielle on the chair

January 28th: Liam looking very handsome prior to the Saturday show. LiamAtJanuaryShow

January 27th: Desi and Lucy zooming around in the snow. What a pair!

January 25th: Handsome Tater relaxing at home. Tater Relaxing at Home

January 21st: Fiona in snow.

January 18th: George in winter.

January 15th: The Chicago Herd gets together for fun and shenanigans: Leo, LuLu, Clover, and Rosie. The Chicago Herd

January 13th: The rambunctious Apple and Hatti.

January 13th: Here's trouble! Briel, Apple and Hatti. Hatti, Apple, and Briel

January 5th: Nola and her Mom. They're pretty awesome!

January 1st: Happy New Year from Mackey, Lindsay, and Phillip. Philip Lindsay and Mackey

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