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Tater is a Monet x Madeyx puppy born July 27th, 2012. (For puppy pictures click here.) He lives with Joyce and Al Deimaggi in Scottsdae, AZ.

October 7th, 2016: The always adorable Tater with his best friend draped over him. TaterAndHisBestFriend
January 26th: Tater is one handsome boy! HandsomeTater
July 22nd: Tater hanging out in the back seat. TaterAndPetuniaPrescott

February 27th: Two great shots of a very handsome Tater. GroomedTater


January 25th: Handsome Tater relaxing at home. Tater Relaxing at Home
From November: Petunia, Tater, and Al on Tater's first hike. Tater Petunia and Al
November 9th: A Tater mash note from his Mom, Joyce. Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how in love with Tater we are. Every day is just better than the one before - he is such a family member. I had my "Happy Hour" group of neighborhood girlfriends (8 plus my sister) over last night to have a glass of wine and meet Tater and he was just amazing. Loved everyone and every once in a while, when he wasn't loving on someone or running around the patio with one of his many toys, he would check on me. I opened up the house - sliding French Doors in the billiard room that open to the patio - kitchen door open - and our little guy just played - did his business outside when he had to - and crashed on the patio around 9:00 (7:00 Alaska time!) while we all sat out. The girls were so amazed! The Bouvier is a wonderful breed but Tater is just extra special. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is - waits for me outside my shower opening, marches into his kennel when I tell him "housey, housey", etc.! Once again, thank you Judy for bringing such a wonder into our lives!

October 17th: Tater hanging out on the patio. Tater On Patio II

October 8th: Tater is settling in at his new home. Tater

Tater On Patio
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