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October 3rd. On September 28th Sassy Crossed the Rainbow Bridge at age 12. Here's Vineta's memoriam of Sassy. CH. SLEEPING LADY'S "SASSY" LASSY VCD1, RE, MXJ, AJP, NF, XFP, CGC, VBCH, CS, 0-NCC, OJC, NAC, S-TN-O, WV-N, U-CD + 2 legs towards her CDX and 6 legs towards her MJP! Well done Sassy Girl!!!!
5/11/2000 - 9/28/12

Sassy and Toola

On May 11, 2000 you were born with Judy and I helping you into this world and on September 28, 2012 Judy and I were together again helping you cross the rainbow bridge. My heart aches without you Sassy with tears streaming from my face and I ask "will it ever get easy?" I was so glad Judy told you to wait for me to get back to you before you left and you did. With loving eyes looking into mine, I said you would be at peace now and we loved you dearly. Your sweet sister Toola licked your ears as she knew she was the one to take care of you. After we said our good byes, you quickly left this earth barking as you always had something to say! Everyone knew of you Sassy and thought you were quite the character which you were! Barking at the judges, getting us excused from many events, yes you did have a lot to say!

Thank you for this wonderful girl, Judy, and the time that you spent extra to take extra extra good care of her. Without your personal touch, I would not have got to say my final good bye to her. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

You are the very best Sassy and I will miss you dearly as well as Paul who really had a soft spot for you but was afraid to show it; but we knew! I will listen for your barking in my dreams and know that it is you. Keep a watch over Toola as she will need a special angel looking after her. Give Spirit and Silver Boy a big lick for me and tell them how much I miss them too!

Bye sweet are the best.....your Mom......smooches........

August 2nd: Sassy and Toola the Tervuren enjoying the sunshine! Sassy and Toola

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