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GCh Sleeping Lady's Brielle
GCH Sleeping Lady's Liam

January 8th, 2015 Puppies


February 2nd: The Brielle x Liam puppies having their first solid food. (You'll have to tip your head sideways on this one.)
January 30th: The very cute Brielle x Liam puppies at three weeks.
January 10th: A happy and proud Brielle with her puppies. Click here to see more Brielle x Liam puppy pictures! A very proud Brielle with her puppies

January 9th: A Brielle x Liam puppy slide show! The puppies were born on January 8th. They're already classic Sleeping Lady's Bouvier pups: Big, fat, and happy! Our favorite picture in this set, is the little nose "peek-a-boing out from under Brielle.

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