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Am/Intl Ch Sleeping Lady's Hennessey

Top 20 Breed Standings 1999

International Best In Show


Hennessey - Group 3 !
Group 3 ! !
Cook Inlet Kennel Club Show, August of 1998

Hennessey - Number 10 Bouvier - Show Sight Magazine
February 1998

This was a very sad Thanksgiving for the Mcconnells. Our Ch Sleeping Lady's Hennessey passed.He was diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma , He received 1 treatment of Chemo and seemed to be responding well. Then, received his second and passed away in his sleep Wednesday morning at 5:30AM.The disease took 2 weeks to take over our boy. It was a total shock,so devastating.

Henney Penney was 1 of kind, He never had a sick day He was born Lucky 7 on St Patrick's day. His daily shopping and piano playng was known to all who knew me and Hennessey. He was Tim's dog. He lived for his walks and rides with Tim. Hennessey was almost 11.

He is such loss to us. All who knew him loved him. Please think of our Henney Penny .

He has joined His Dad Guinness, and
sister Haily and his neice Tangee.

November 2006



Hennessey has multiple talents - See for yourself!


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