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Happy Birthday Shadow!

A birthday tribute for Shadow, who turned 10.

Dear "Dog" Friends and Family,

It is "remotely possible" that we are a bit over-the-top when it comes to our dogs. (Gee - don't ALL dogs get birthday cakes, sleep on the bed and have more than one coat???) But, you are animal people, too, or you wouldn't be getting this e-mail.

Shadow, our (but really Candace's bouvier) will turn 10 this coming Monday. We will be celebrating with a cake, a new toy (please don't tell's a surprise), a hike at Doughton Park in the NC highlands and a game of frisbee. Heath will be there as well but it's "Shadow's day."

Ten years seems as good an occasion as any to celebrate Shadow and Candace's achievements and rapport. It is hard to imagine that any two creatures could be closer. They really do seem to have that once-in-a-lifetime relationship...knowing the others feelings, thoughts and actions. Without the exchange of words, they "get it."

Shadow's titles (and Candace's patience with her) are a testimony to what can be achieved with time, love, humor and LOTS of really good treats!

Shadow is an AKC breed champion and has shown at Westminster. She is a Versatility Champion from the American Bouvier des Flandres club. She has titles in agility, obedience, rally, freestyle, herding and backpacking. She can cart, too, but asks "Why bother?" She has appeared on numerous calendars and was on the cover of "Dog Fancy" magazine.

Many people have helped Shadow in her journey...teachers, agility friends, fellow ABdF club members, breeders, handlers, veterinarians, photographers. But, it's Shadow's willingness to please Candace that has assured her success.

The pictures below are a tribute to Shadow & Candace for their affection, diligence and the unspoken & extremely rare gifts that have come their way...understanding and love.

I am proud of them both.


Breed Champion

Obedience and Rally Titles

Freestyle Titles

Agility Titles

Backpacking Dog

Cover Girl

Very Best Friend

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