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GCh Sleeping Lady's Felicia
GCH Sleeping Lady's Liam

March 12, 2014 Puppies


April 21st: Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! The Felicia x Liam puppies out and about.

April 21st: Judy snuggling with the Felicia x Liam puppies.

April 21st: The littlest Felicia x Liam puppy hanging out on Matt's lap. #Adorable TheLIttlestPuppy

April 11th: Eeris, Rory, and Bliss visit the Felicia x Liam puppies!

March 31st: A massively cute slide show of the Felicia x Liam puppies at three weeks!!!

March 17th: Felicia and her puppies in action

March 16th: A very happy Felicia with her new puppies FeliciaAndTheNewPuppies

March 16th: Felicia x Liam puppies at three days! ThreeDayOldPuppies

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